ODESZA Drop New Surprise Single “Better Now”

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There’s nothing to jump-start your day like a surprise drop from ODESZA. The duo, which has mounted a comeback after their years-long hiatus, has just released their second single of the year, a new upbeat number titled “Better Now,” featuring MARO.

This new track is absolutely beaming with energy. Guided along by MARO’s extremely catchy vocals, the production here takes center stage. ODESZA provide a significant dose of sound design on this track with their synths, yet also have organic instrumentation and pounding percussion to make this a nicely rounded track.

This is all-around a brilliant new piece of music from the Seattle-based duo. Here’s what they had to say about the track, which proved to be tough to find the right vocalist for:

It’s funny because we tried so many different collaborations with vocalists in varying genres to try to find the right fit for this song when we first made it, but for whatever reason, nothing felt right. We’ve been big fans of MARO’s and when we sent her a short handful of demos, this was the one she resonated with and we knew she was going to do something really special with it.

You can stream the new ODESZA song, “Better Now,” below. Enjoy!

ODESZA – Better Now (feat. MARO)