Listen To ODESZA Break Down Their Track “Kusanagi” & Discuss Their Secret Third Member

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We came across an old episode of the podcast Song Exploder that featured ODESZA candidly discussing their earliest beginnings, as well as Clayton and Harrison breaking down one of their most beloved tracks, “Kusanagi.”

It turns out that Kusanagi is more than just a track title, it’s in fact the name of their friend and certified “secret third member,” Sean Kusanagi. Sean earned this title by playing guitar on each ODESZA project so far. He’s also credited as the person who introduced Clayton and Harrison in college. It’s safe to say that without Sean Kusanagi, ODESZA may have never been.

Further along in the episode, the ODESZA duo dive into a breakdown of the tune, which all began with some chords that Sean played while they were crashing on his couch during a tour. They then went to Sean’s parent’s house, an inspiring location on the water in the Pacific Northwest, to record. It’s no surprise why they named the track after him.

You can check out the full episode of the breakdown below. Enjoy!

Song Exploder: ODESZA – Kusanagi