Elderbrook Shines On New Song “Beautiful Morning” (Co-Produced by ODESZA)

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Elderbrook is back, and he’s got some big plans. Today, the multi-faceted, Grammy-nominated artist announced his second studio album, Little Love, and along with it dropped the first single. The brand new track is titled “Beautiful Morning,” and it’s co-produced by none other than one of our favorite duos, ODESZA.

Here’s what Elderbrook had to say about the new track:

Beautiful Morning is simply about two people spending time together. A day where nothing matters other than each other. When I first wrote the song, I had pictured it being two people in love. Between now and then, the song has definitely taken on multiple meanings for me. It now reminds me of early mornings with my children. The quiet of 4am wake ups and the calmness of knowing we are the only ones in (what feels like) the world.

Elderbrook’s Little Love is due out early next year on February 24, 2023.

You can stream “Beautiful Morning” from Elderbrook and ODESZA below. Enjoy!

Elderbrook – Beautiful Morning