ODESZA Teases New Music With Mysterious Spotify Playlist


It’s been just over a year since the explosive duo ODESZA shared a photo on Instagram teasing fans about a new album being in the works. Since then the two have had a massive year, headlining Red Rocks for the first time and releasing a handful of tracks on their label Foreign Family. Throughout all this time, fans have patiently waited for new work from the duo.

Yesterday, ODESZA hinted that something new might finally be here.  The duo posted a mysterious empty playlist to Spotify that features never before seen cover art. Although we’re not entirely sure what it means, there’s definitely a reason that the playlist was created. According to River Beats, fans have discovered that the odd playlist title means “4.25” in Morse Code. Does this mean they have new music coming April 25th? Stay tuned for more from ODESZA. 

Whatever the meaning, we’ve got our fingers crossed that the duo will gift us with some long-awaited new music soon!

Odesza Playlist