ODESZA & Yellow House Share Psychedelic Indie-Dance EP ‘Flaws in Our Design’

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A few weeks ago, ODESZA released their single “Heavier” off of their upcoming EP. The track marked the beginning of a new chapter of music for the iconic duo and today they’re finally ready to unveil their brand-new Flaws in Our Design EP, out now via Foreign Family Collective.

When ODESZA announced their EP earlier this year, they promised us that it would sound something like ‘psychedelic indie-dance.’ We couldn’t have described it any better. A noticeable collaborator on the project comes by way of Cape Town-based artist Yellow House who makes an appearance on all six tracks.

These tracks are much more vocal forward than some of ODESZA’s earlier material but still contain that beautiful, ethereal essence we’ve become so fond of. There’s a familiar driving rhythm built into tracks like “Easy Money” and “Waiting Forever.” But there’s also a fresh exploration of minimalistic sounds allowing Yellow House’s pristine vocals and exquisite songwriting to flourish.

You can stream Flaws in Our Design below. Enjoy!

ODESZA & Yellow House – Flaws in Our Design