OkayJake Pushes The Limits On Dynamic, Experimental Bass EP ‘Metal Flower’


Atlanta has been known to churn out some heavy-hitting producers from time to time. OkayJake is the next name you’re going to want to start paying attention to if you haven’t already. Formerly known as Kick, the Atlanta product has shifted his brand and sound as of this year and is already making his presence known with some absolutely relentless productions. This weekend, he’s making his TSIS debut with his self-released debut EP, Metal Flower.

OkayJake makes quite the statement on his debut project and wastes no time boasting his massive production prowess. The 5-track EP displays a wide range of dynamic sounds ranging from distortive bass, dubstep, trap, and UK rave and is a testament to the rising wave of experimental bass producers across the globe. Drawing on influences from industry giants like Ivy Lab and VCTRE, OkayJake has already firmly established himself ahead of the pack.

Here’s what OkayJake had to say about the project:

“For this EP, I just wanted to show how dynamic bass music could get. None of the tracks is too close to the last one but all of the tracks are close enough for it to make sense in its entirety. I felt like I could truly show what I can do and where I could go. I wanted to push my boundaries and step outside the comfort zone on this EP.”

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

OkayJake – Metal Flower