INTERVIEW | Introducing Oliver Malcolm, The 20-Year-Old Music Phenom Ready To Take Over The Industry

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Oliver Malcolm has been on a conquest to success ever since he arrived to Los Angeles from across the pond four years ago.

What do you do when you’re a fresh-off-the-boat teenager and determined to make it in the music industry? Malcolm, who had already landed a beat with D12 when he was 15, loaded up hundreds of USBs with his beats and hit the streets, on the lookout for any artists, producers and industry folk he could find.

These quests to get himself heard landed him in LA’s underground hip-hop scene. It was there that he was able to enter beat battle competitions and gain the attention of TDE’s Jay Rock. Although the record he produced for Jay Rock didn’t come out, he had already beaten a path towards his goal. Over the next year, Malcolm crafted beats for legendary names such as Del The Funky Homosapien and even MF DOOM. Fast forward another year and Malcolm added a slew of talent to his list of credits: Tinashe, G-Eazy, and Cee Lo Green to name a few.

Oliver Malcolm’s road to success isn’t one paved without setbacks, however. He had a new vision to evolve from a producer into “the biggest artist in the world,” but he was faced with a new problem. Malcolm’s American visa had expired and he was to be shipped back to the UK. With no where to go to make music, Malcolm paid an auto-mechanic £500 to let him set up a studio in his shop, allowing him to “make as much noise as he wanted.”

By the end of the year, Oliver Malcolm had over 25 completed tracks and was able to sign with Darkroom Records. Darkroom is a hotbed for young talent where artists like Billie Eilish have gotten their start. He is definitely in the right place.

Oliver Malcolm’s trajectory is taking him higher and higher. It’s impossible to deny his potential, and we’re proud to share the first chapter of his new artistic story.

Today, Oliver Malcolm drops his first official solo track, “Switched Up,” and it’s living proof of this kid’s talent. Listen below, along with a brief Q+A with the man himself. Enjoy!

Oliver Malcolm – Switched Up

From handing out USB sticks to producing in the back of an auto shop – you’ve come a hell of a long way to be living in LA and releasing with Darkroom. What’s motivated you to reach the point you’re currently at?

I was tired of mechanics asking for beats.

What’s been the proudest moment in your career thus far?

Got to be the MF Doom placement when I was 17.

Do you approach creating your own music differently as opposed to working with other artists?

No. The approach is the same. Go in there, black out, and hope that the end result is beautiful.

How have your past successes helped shape your current sound?

Butterfly effect. For this life I cannot change.

What would you say your biggest influences were on the music you’re currently rolling out?

The Clash, Hendrix, MGMT, Cudi, 60’s Brazilian progressive funk.

How do you hope listeners will receive the new music you’ve got coming? How do you want them to feel about Oliver Malcolm the artist?  

However they want to feel. It’s not for me to decide.

How does it feel to finally be sharing your personal artistic vision with the world?

It feels good, a long time coming.

What can we expect from Oliver Malcolm in 2020 and beyond?

Expect nothing. Enjoy everything. I’m the captain now.