Oliver Malcolm Flexes His Insane Versatility on Dancehall Inspired Track “The Jungle”


Oliver Malcolm is a musical chameleon. The young UK phenom produced for legends like MF Doom before starting his own path as an artist, and his six releases so far have displayed stunning versatility.

Despite all his songs spanning different genres, Malcolm’s production and vocals blend seamlessly and seem natural just about anywhere. His latest release is the darkest and most dancefloor-ready track of his yet, a departure from some of his other acoustic guitar driven tracks.

Aptly named the “The Jungle,” this track, full of ambient rainforest noises, is dominated by energetic pan flute and tropical, pounding percussion. The drum line in particular drives the track with its relentless beat and layers of different dancehall percussion. Malcolm’s vocals come through heavily distorted at times, acting like mere sound effects. Other times they take center stage and flex his vocal strength and range. This track just makes us want to get up and get down on the floor, and we’ve gotta say, that flute riff is one of the coolest little melodies we’ve heard in a while.

We’re eagerly awaiting Malcolm’s next release, whichever direction he decides to take next. Until then, you can check out “The Jungle” below. Enjoy!

Oliver Malcolm – The Jungle