Rising Artist Oliver Tree Shares Insane Music Video With Debut ‘Alien Boy’ EP Ft. Whethan: Hip-Hop / Indie


Oliver Tree is truly one in 7.6 billion. The hilarious artist is also somewhat of a comedian, with his ridiculous bowlcut and scooter riding being what first pops into mind whenever I hear his name. However, he's anything but a gimmick. The unique artist has impressed us time and time again with his original tracks, and shares the impressive 6-track Alien Boy EP. There is also a music video he's shared with us and it's everything we could have ever dreamed of – be sure to check it out below.

Oliver includes previously released singles "All I Got," "Enemy" featuring Whethan, "Welcome To LA" and "Upside Down" with a couple new tracks further solidifying his spot as an exciting artist we can't wait to see develop even further. His one-of-a-kind sound is as playful as his comedy videos, but should be taken seriously. He has a way of mixing elements of indie, hip-hop and electronic music that blends so smoothly we just can't get enough of it. On the new tracks "All That" and "Alien Boy," he shows off his ability to write and sing songs that will be stuck in your head for hours while also putting his rapping on full display, showing he can spit bars. Enjoy!

Oliver Tree – Alien Boy EP