Watch Oliver Tree’s Ridiculous Behind The Scenes Mockumentary For “Hurt” Video


Oliver Tree is one of, if not the most, ridiculous people in music. I’m not sure what’s more entertaining: his actual music, or the comedic personality that comes with it. His most recent song “Hurt came with an absolutely epic music video that was released a month ago, and now he’s shared a 35 minute behind the scenes in the form of a mockumentary.

Without knowing Oliver Tree’s hilarious persona, it’s hard to distinguish which parts are just part of the joke and which parts are actually genuine, which ultimately makes the video even more funny. All jokes aside, both the original video and the behind the scenes mockumentary are extremely entertaining and well made. Both are definitely worth a watch.

Check out the new behind the scenes video below, and the original right here. Enjoy!

Oliver Tree – Hurt (Behind The Scenes Video)