Oliver Tree & Little Big Deliver New Party Starter, “Turn It Up,” with Hilarious Video

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The name “Oliver Tree” has become synonymous with tongue-in-cheek bangers, charismatic belters… and bowl cuts. At this point, the common consensus is the man don’t miss, and as if there was ever any doubt, his new single, “Turn It Up,” is a straight-up bullseye.

Oliver taps the talents of Russian rave band, Little Big, and Estonian vocalist, Tommy Cash, to form a brazen band of misfits ready to take your next two minutes into overdrive. You’ll be bouncing, you’ll be jumping, and you’ll be dawning an uncontrollable face-contorting grin from start to stop of this Grade-A party starter. And once you watch the accompanying music video, that grin will erupt into a full on cackle.

This latest banger is the first single off Oliver Tree and Little Big’s upcoming EP, Welcome To The Internet, due out on September 30. Whenever you’re ready to start your weekend and take the energy up a thousand notches, push play. Your party, your friends, your weekend, and your soul will all thank you. Stream Oliver Tree and Little Big’s new single, “Turn It Up,” below. Enjoy!

Oliver Tree & Little Big – Turn It Up