Oliver Tree Supposedly Drops His Last Song Ever, “Let Me Down”

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You never know what you’re going to get with Oliver Tree. The meme-lord doubles as an amazing musician, and it’s hard to take whatever he says seriously. After supposedly “canceling” his debut album, Ugly Is Beautiful, because of COVID-19, Oliver has just now delivered his supposed last song ever, “Let Me Down.”

The truth is that Oliver Tree has been on a sharp rise ever since the release of his highly acclaimed Alien Boy EP back in 2018. He says he’s quitting music after this new track, but we’re not buying it for a second. There may be some truth in delaying the drop of Ugly Is Beautiful, but we have a good feeling that this will NOT be the last we hear from him. He just can’t resist a good troll.

The new track, “Let You Down,” is an alt-rock/indie/hip-hop genre blender that sounds like everything we love about Oliver Tree’s music. Check it out below and enjoy!

Oliver Tree – Let Me Down