Opiuo Releases Live Album Of Red Rocks Performance ‘Opiuo & The Opulent Orchestra’

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Opiuo‘s sold out May 2023 Red Rocks show will go down in history as iconic due to his usage of a full live orchestra. If you weren’t one of the lucky few in the audience at this show, the funky bass maestro has a gift for you: a full album of the live performance called Opiuo & The Opulent Orchestra.

This album contains 16 recordings from the Red Rocks show, as well as 3 new tracks. For most of the show, Opiuo conducted the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, who are responsible for the majestic swells of woodwinds and brass featured on the live tracks. In addition to “Conduct-A-Disco,” the other 2 new songs are “Candy” and “Bash Plate,” both featuring fellow Kiwi Ashez. The first song casts an intoxicating spell with its tribal percussion and global synth textures, and the second contains some of the vibiest good ole’ trip-hop beats.

Here’s what Opiuo had to say about the experience:

“Quite possibly the most audacious project I have ever undertaken. My Red Rocks show with The Opulent Orchestra has become a defining moment for myself. Conducting the 22 musicians in front of a sold out audience; developing, designing & operating the video & lasers; plus many months of work writing the music, then mixing the entire show; I honestly feel extremely proud of this album and can confidently say it’s some of my best work yet!”

The full video performance will be available on November 20 but for now you can stream the album below. Enjoy!

Opiuo – Opiuo & The Opulent Orchestra