[PREMIERE] Outkast’s “Hey Ya” Receives Impressive Cover From Sweater Beats & KAMAU [Free Download]

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Rising producer Sweater Beats has made a name for himself with countless quality tracks solidifying his spot in the future bass/ beat scene, always leaving us satisfied with his releases. For his latest track, he’s taken on Outkast’s classic “Hey Ya” for an interesting new version.

We previously heard artist KAMAU’s new version of “Hey Ya” as he covered the classic tune with a twist by adding a full live band layering violins, bass, piano, acapella singing, and more. Now Sweater Beats has put his own spin on the track recruiting KAMAU's vocals. He’s added cinematic, sampled vocals along with new percussion and melodic synths to completely re-imagine the familiar tune giving it a refreshing spin. Stream the full song below and grab a free download. Enjoy

 Sweater Beats & KAMAU – Hey YA | Free Download