PALLADIAN Bids Summer Adieu on Reflective Downtempo Dance Track “Burn Marks”

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The Barcelona-based downtempo duo, PALLADIAN, has been solidifying their place among our roster with their serene soundscapes and impossibly lush instrumentation. Today, the pair keeps their momentum rolling with the release of one last summer dance, “Burn Marks.”

“Burn Marks” is meant to be a nostalgic post-summer song. As summer comes to an end you have nothing left but memories and few sun-burn marks on your skin like pale tattoos that are tracing the course of your summer on your body. Eventually memories fade and so are those signs on your skin, like echoes from the past. Marking the change of season and the end of an era. —Palladian

As we start this first day of Autumn, we easily slip into the buoyant chords of the introductory carillon while reminiscing about those warm memories punctuated by pale tattoos. The percussion and chorus of synths gradually build, lifting one another higher and higher in transcendent tribute to summer.

Get your last bit of the warm season below by streaming Palladian’s “Burn Marks,” out now on Loci Records. Enjoy!

PALLADIAN – Burn Marks