PREMIERE | PALLADIAN Put a Serene Downtempo Spin on Tor’s “Foxglove” 


Since its release last spring, Tor’s Oasis Sky album has garnered millions and millions of streams. He’s been teasing a remix record for some time, and it’s finally arriving on February 18, featuring producers like O’Flynn, Murge, and more. We have the honor of giving everyone a sneak peek of PALLADIAN’s reinterpretation of “Foxglove.”

The Barcelona-based duo takes the track’s more ambient and laidback elements and bring them to the forefront. It’s a heavily piano-focused number, with soft keys that seem to float over every other element. They construct a calming yet encouraging melody, keeping the original version’s hazy female vocal for a sort of futuristic vibe. 

You can stream the song below. Enjoy!

Tor – Foxglove (PALLADIAN Remix)