Peggy Gou To Stream Live DJ Set From The Top Of Seoul’s Iconic TV & Radio Tower

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Peggy Gou is stepping up to the plate for Boiler Room‘s Streaming From Isolation series this weekend. This Saturday, April 25, Peggy will be behind the decks at the highest point in the city of Seoul, South Korea. That point happens to be the Namsan Tower, and will treat us to amazing views while Peggy lays down tracks in the observatory. The length of her set is currently unspecified, but we’re hoping that, given the special occasion, she’ll be given a couple hours to really lean into a groove. 

Earlier this month, Four Tet blew us away with his Streaming From Isolation set from his woodland retreat. We can’t wait to special selections Peggy Gou will whip out. Be sure to tune in. She’s known for releasing vibey, funky house tracks, but her DJ sets bring out another, more gritty techno side of her. The broadcast will begin at 8:00am EST (which happens to be 9:00pm in Seoul).

With South Korea emerging from its lockdown, and life slowly coming back to normal, Peggy Gou wants to bring us all together through music. Tune in on the 25th of April and dance together while apart.

— BOILER ROOM (@boilerroomtv) April 20, 2020