Pepito Channels a Lush Poolside Vibe with Low-Key House Track “Heading Out”


The sun is out, the air is warm, and the days are long. Summer is in full effect and if there’s one thing we know here at TSIS, it’s the right song can make a great day even better. We have that very song for you today with newcomer producer, pepito’s, new track, “Heading Out.”

A steady 4×4 kick gives us a steady focus and a pleasant bounce, while the angelic lines of sustained synths hang weightless in the air, ebbing and flowing, glistening and evaporating. The energy in this tune is too fresh for words so all I’ll say is push play.

Needless to say we’ll be giving this track a thorough rinse for the remainder of the summer. Stream pepito’s new song, “Heading Out,” below. Enjoy!

pepito – Heading Out