Petit Biscuit Impresses On Dreamy New Song “Wide Awake” Featuring His Vocals


If you follow French producer Petit Biscuit on his socials, you have surely seen pictures of his incredible trip throughout Iceland. In an Instagram posted on January 23rd, Petit Biscuit’s first day in Iceland, he captioned “…2019 won’t be a year off, but my way to achieve new dreams and be able to produce my best songs ever.” Well, almost exactly one month later, we receive the first offering from the introspective journey; A new single titled “Wide Awake”.

The release is wonderfully experimental and dynamic. The track starts with soft pads and a staggered snare hit, which get abruptly disrupted by a pounding kickdrum, a flute-sounding melody and a twinkling lead. “Wide Awake” then breaks down with warm piano chords, carving space for a vocal accompaniment coming from Petit Biscuit himself. The second half of the song follows a similar pattern, and everything comes together for an impressively unique display of production. I have a feeling that Iceland will be good for Petit Biscuit fans… Enjoy!

Petit Biscuit – Wide Awake