Petit Biscuit Releases Uplifting New Bop “Drivin Thru The Night”


If you’ve been follow us for awhile, you know we thoroughly enjoy the music of French producer, Petit Biscuit. His lightweight melodies and dream inducing production are a treat to behold and today he’s back with an effervescent new tune titled, “Drivin Thru The Night.”

Bubbly synths and a steady 4×4 kick form a dynamically dreamy atmosphere, while the crisp vocal lines recount the events of a late night love story. This track’s beauty lies in its simplicity, the energy waxing and waning as the layers ebb and flow.

As the name suggests, this song has a perfectly pensive vibe for low key night time cruise. See for yourself by streaming Petit Biscuit’s newest track, “Drivin Thru The Night,” below. Enjoy!

Petit Biscuit – Driving Thru The Night