Petit Biscuit Returns with Sparkly Double-Single “You Don’t Ignore (Too Late) / Honor Your Goals”


After the long, hard two year wait, Petit Biscuit has finally returned. After releasing a beautiful orchestral version of his hit tune, “Sunset Lover,” in May, the beloved French icon is back with the new original music his fans have been asking for. Petit Biscuit’s double-single, “You Don’t Ignore (Too Late)/ Honor Your Goals,” is here.

Pop-infused melodies take center stage on both tunes, the first more upbeat and bright, while the second finds a sentimental, pensive tone. As always, Petit Biscuit’s emotion is extremely palpable, delivering each lyric with intent and focused energy. Luscious pads draw a line of cohesion between the double-single, creating a sense of unity between the two, starkly different tracks.

You can stream “You Don’t Ignore (Too Late)” and “Honor Your Goals” at the links below. Enjoy!

Petit Biscuit – You Don’t Ignore (Too Late)

Petit Biscuit – Honor Your Goals