PREMIERE | Phantoms Give Jai Wolf’s “Moon Rider” A Proper Dance Infusion

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There’s something about a solid dance remix that can just send a track straight through the moon. Today, LA based duo, Phantoms, are taking Jai Wolf’s shimmering track, “Moon Rider,” remixing it into a proper dance floor hit.

One of Jai Wolf’s many talents is the emotion he’s able to convey in his music. Phantoms maintains this staple, leaving the fluorescent synths in tact. They next chop up the vocals and lay the new mix out over top a bouncing 4×4 kick, prepping this tune to take over dance floors the world over. This one has some classic deep house vibes that we cannot get enough of. Be prepared to give Phantoms’ remix multiple spins in a row. 

We love some Jai Wolf, but after hearing this, I think I can comfortably say club ready Jai Wolf is right up there too. Stream Phantom’s new remix of Jai Wolf’s “Moon Rider,” below. Enjoy!

Jai Wolf – Moon Rider (Phantoms Remix)