Skrillex, Mura Masa, PinkPantheress, & WILLOW Combine on New Song “Where You Are”

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2021 and 2022 have been the years of PinkPantheress. Her unique blend of electro-hyper pop keeps listeners feather-light and moving, and has garnered support from some of music’s most progressive contributors. Her latest all-star team-up, “Where You Are,” gains vocal support from WILLOW and the production prowess of Skrillex and Mura Masa, and as those names might suggest the track is an absolute bop. 

PinkPantheress and WILLOW are right at home over a wonderful alt-punk breakbeat concocted by Skrillex and Mura Masa. We’ve been loving the recent reemergence of breakbeat, we love it even more with the vocal bliss of Pantheress and WILLOW.

Stream “Where You Are” by PinkPantheress, WILLOW, Mura Masa, and Skrillex below.

PinkPantheress – Where you are (feat. WILLOW)