PLSNT’s Debut Song “Chasing Sunsets” is a Stunning Melodic Cut

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Being featured on an EP from Nora En Pure’s Purified Records is pretty impressive for accomplishment for any artist—but get this. PLSNT’s “Chasing Sunsets”, which appears on the label’s compilation album Fragments V, is his first-ever song. While that is amazing to hear, it will make perfect sense why Nora selected this number for the compilation when you listen to it.

This instrumental number has a graceful piano that steals the show, with shimmering and twinkling chords. PLSNT also adds light percussion and a smooth bassline, building a melodic escape world in “Chasing Sunset’s” four-plus minutes. It is a lovely, tranquil track that would be magical if played during sunset (or sunrise!) like its namesake states. 

You can listen below. Enjoy!

PLSNT – Chasing Sunsets