PLS&TY Unveils Diverse, Feel-Good EP ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’

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PLS&TY’s comeback is finally complete. After taking some time away from music, the Florida-native returned to the studio to begin working on his next project. After teasing two beautifully diverse singles, he’s finally ready to unveil his latest 3 Days, 2 Nights EP.

PLS&TY has always boasted a diverse catalog of music that toes the line between melodic and uplifting. 3 Days, 2 Nights is a collection of music that continues to showcase PLS&TY’s ability to weave in and out of genres. There’s themes of daytime as expressed on feel-good tracks like “Party In My Head” and “New Color.” Contrarily, there’s also themes of a darker, night-filled space that can be found on tracks like “Yours” and “Upside.”

PLS&TY also included a VIP edit of “Limit” and a stripped-down version of “Upside,” further exemplifying his ability to build upon his own productions. There’s a number of collaborators who joined PLS&TY in making the project, including Lost Boy, Ben Samama, Jocelyn Alice, and Tudor.

Here’s what PLS&TY had to say about the EP:

“Are you up for a free ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’ vacation? As the ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’ project unveils, each song and album cover take the inspiration from the day and night motifs/themes of the EP titling, progressing in the order of the tracklisting from day to night. There is something for everyone here – music for all moods, places, seasons, and times. The project stands on new ground for the direction of PLS&TY original music moving forward – born out of a place of freedom to create without bounds or borders, or in an attempt to fit the confines of a particular genre that fans may have previously known me for.”

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

PLS&TY – 3 Days, 2 Nights