Rising Producer pluko Shares Debut Album ‘sixteen’ Via Foreign Family Collective


Here at TSIS, we have been anxiously awaiting pluko’s debut album sixteen. The rising producer has been building hype around the album with previously released singles such as “l o v e”, “pink.” and “asleep”. Now today, the 12-track package has been unleased in its’ entirety via Foreign Family Collective, and it most certainly exceeds the high expectations. Featuring eight new tracks, sixteen embodies pluko’s unique production style that has provided the foundation to the 18-year-old’s rapidly growing popularity.

The opening track “lost” sets the tone for the remainder of the album; crisp, high-energy, captivating and unique. Following, sixteen contains various styles of music across the broad spectrum of genres. From experimental instrumentals such as “flight”, “forgiveness” and “no, not yet”, to poppy crowd-pleasers such as “need ya” and “asleep”, all the way to the R&B / Hip-Hop inspired sounds as heard in “his perspective”. pluko’s debut album is an impressive showcase of undeniable talent that is sure to catapult the promising artist’s career to the next level. Enjoy!

pluko – sixteen