[PREMIERE] Listen To Point Point’s Refreshing Future Bass Single “Part Of The Game”


The three-man Parisian crew known as Point Point has kicked off 2017 with "Part Of The Game", a vocal version of "A Piece Of Sun" which was the lead single off their three-track Family Portrait EP. The tune starts with soulful vocals that are layered by a soft, high-pitch melody that sounds a bit like a sampled teapot whistle.

Point Point throws some warm future bass synths and a retro bassline into the mix, making for a unique blend. The group has always been push the boundaries with their music and continue to do so here. If you're vibing to this, be sure to check out their previous works like "F+L" (which samples Kanye West's "Flashing Lights").

You can stream the premiere of Point Point's new single, "Part Of The Game", below. Enjoy! 

Point Point – Part Of The Game | Purchase