pølaroit & Richard Walters Exude Atmospheric Dexterity on “Vanishing Point”


When it comes to laying down ethereal landscapes, German electronic duo pølaroit know how to bring out the beauty in melancholy. When recently approached by British singer-songwriter Richard Walters about joining up for “Vanishing Point,” the producers described it as love at first listen:

Whereas in other productions, we create a track and look for a voice which will work well, in Vanishing Point, we built a song around Richard’s vocals.

Creating sonic tension as a narrative, pølaroit leans into the gentle, tender, and haunting aesthetic qualities of Walter’s vocals. The duo then builds space around his nostalgic lyrics through the use of warm textures, atmospheric pads, prolonged melodic builds, and smoothly satisfying drum pads on the landing.

The result is a track that exudes a sense of organic fluidity and atmospheric dexterity—effortlessly balancing energetic bass with soft piano chords to create something exciting and nuanced. Space and time both play an influential role in pølaroit’s music. “Vanishing Point” represents this embodiment of constant motion, while also reflecting a sense of melancholy and beautiful vulnerability.

Stream pølaroit and Richard Walters’ “Vanishing Point” below.

pølaroit & Richard Walters – Vanishing Point