Polo & Pan Arrive Just In Time With Quirky Summertime Jam “Ani Kuni”


The Parisian pair, Polo & Pan, is undoubtedly one of our favorite finds in recent years. These guys have carved out a divine niche of off-the-wall beats and mold-breaking production, and their new single, “Ani Kuni,” is another charmingly quirky home run that will leave you bouncing, dancing, and smiling ear to ear.

With a righteous intro fit for a 1960’s spaghetti western, the Frenchmen set the scene for what will prove to be one of their most fun tracks to date. The ceremonious vocals carry out their grand chorus, and we take off on a stallion of featherlight synths, charismatic kicks, and valiant flutes. As the triumphant piano and strings come to a head, our journey takes a Polo & Pan sponsored kaleidoscopic turn with wobbly chopped-up second pass. Maybe our cowboy stumbled upon a little peyote.

This new single is actually a tribute to the duo’s favorite childhood lullaby, which is a traditional Native American hymn from the Arapaho tribes. What’s more, the recorded vocal is actually a choir of their friends and loved ones. Those little details are just another reason why we’ve become fast fans of Polo & Pan here at TSIS. Watch the florescent music video for their new jam, “Ani Kuni,” below. Enjoy!

Polo & Pan – Ani Kuni