Polo & Pan Deliver A Whirlwind of Adventure with New Album ‘Cyclorama’

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The purveyors of the peculiar, Polo & Pan, have produced their way to our into our hearts and minds with their unique blend of kaleidoscopic, psychedelic electronic music. From the sedated and slinky, to the driven and bounce-inducing, the Parisian pair leaves no stone unturned in their boundary pushing sound, and their new album, Cyclorama, shows us just how far that sound has come.

This new musical voyage will take you on a journey through life, from birth to death and on to transcendence. We invite all of you to find your own itinerary through this shared musical odyssey.

And a musical odyssey this certainly is. Shimmering summer flows like The ELO-inspired reimagining of “Magic” balance groovers like the Channel Tres featured “Tunnel,” all the while entangled with cryptic cuts like “Oasis.” No two tracks are alike, but each plays a specific well-fit role making this project an incredibly satisfying listen front to back.

We’ve been chomping at the bit to get to this release date and we’ve finally made it, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. Stream Cyclorama by Polo & Pan below. Enjoy!

Polo & Pan – Cyclorama