PREMIERE | Poolside Drops New Daytime Disco Anthem “Getting There From Here”


Many of us are familiar with the genre “disco” and it’s associated sub-genres: nu-disco, space disco, post disco, and the like. Ever since 2011 however, Los-Angeles based duo Poolside have been pumping out their own disco-derivative.

Marked by smooth synths, lo-fi beats, and vocals that seamlessly ride the beat, “daytime disco” has become their signature brand of sound since their inception. And now, they’re poised to give us yet another dose of it with “Getting There From Here” their first release since February’s EP Low Season. We’re stoked to be premiering this one for you today. 

Joined on the track by dance-music staple Todd Edwards, Poolside notches another strong passage in their daytime disco diary for us to vibe with–below you’ll find an exclusive link to it the stream. Enjoy!

Poolside – Getting There From Here