[PREMIERE] Popeska Breaks Two-Year Musical Silence With “Doing Me Wrong” [Free Download]

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It has been a quiet two years on the surface for Ralf Popescu, better known as Popeska. The Atlanta-based act confided to his fans in an open letter on June 1, reflecting on both his personal and professional journey as an artist.

He leads off the letter with a question: "Has there ever been a time in your life when you’ve just been like “I'm done with all of this?" That happened to Popescu two years ago. 

"I’ve made hundreds of songs over the years that never saw the light of day because of the superficial aspects of the music industry and just the general attitude of the people that work in it."

He adds, "Very few people are experimenting anymore and it’s all about marketing and everyone is chasing the flavor of the month and dance music was more or less dead to me…I didn’t really want to be a part of it…I was in it to make the music that I loved."

Popescu decided to re-start his music career with a clean slate. "I started working with people I trust, I went back to Georgia Tech to finish my degree, and surrounded myself with people who actually care about what it means to contribute art to this world. And I’ve never been happier."

TSIS has been a longtime supporter of Popeska's works, from his Karmameter EP on Wolfgang Gartner's Kindergarten Records to his remix of Brass Knuckles' "Water Gun" featuring John Ryan. Popeska now breaks his two-year musical silence with "Doing Me Wrong," exclusively on TSIS.

Stream and grab a free download of the the original record below and be on the lookout for a bevy of new singles, that were initially meant to be part of his Spirit Animals album, to be dropped later this year. Enjoy!

Popeska – Doing Me Wrong | Free Download