Porter Robinson Announces New ‘Together Live’ Show with Live Band

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Porter Robinson has announced something new for his upcoming Second Sky Festival later this month. In addition to curating one of our favorite lineups of the year, Porter Robinson will be debuting a new live show called Together Live, which is a “reimagined live show with a full band.”

Over the course of his career, Porter Robinson’s live show has constantly evolved. If you compared his current show with his fan-beloved Worlds show, you’d be looking at two entirely different experiences. On his most recent Nurture Live tour (which supported his 2021 album Nurture) Porter started to incorporate more of a live music element, branching out a bit more with his performances. Together Live aims to take those live elements to the next level.

Second Sky Festival will take place this October 29 in Oakland, California. You can find more info on the event here.

Porter Robinson (Together Live), debuting at Second Sky.

a reimagined live show with a full band.

it’s a whole new Nurture live.

EWNIAH ! pic.twitter.com/JKvBY9GXrq

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) October 7, 2022