Porter Robinson Shares Heavy New Virtual Self Track “Angel Voices”

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Porter Robinson has definitely been keeping us on our toes with all things Virtual Self. Having recently updated his virtualself.life website to announce his side project’s debut headline tour, UTOPiA SySTEM, Porter threw us for another loop this week with what seemed to be an alternate reality game starting from a new website – angelangelangelangelangel.com. But today the cryptic new wormhole has (seemingly) been explained as Porter has just shared a brand new Virtual Self track, titled “Angel Voices”.

When Virtual Self began, Porter made it clear that the project was made up of two distinct entities – Pathselector and technic_Angel. Similarly, Porter split his releases as either being attributed to one of the two characters, with Pathselector having created "Ghost Voices" and "a.i.ngel", and technic_Angel being responsible for "Particle Arts", "Key", and "EON BREAK". However, this latest offering can be considered an edit of sorts. Although at first listen it sounds incredibly similar to Pathselector’s “Ghost Voices”, it has a much faster, longer and more of an industrial/hardcore structure and feel to it, which is all characteristic of technic_Angel. This paired with the fact that technic_Angel is featured on the cover art for this latest release leads us to believe that we may see more cross edits from both Pathselector and technic_Angel in the future. Check out “Angel Voices” below and make sure to enter to win tickets to see Virtual Self at HARD Red Rocks on August 2. Enjoy!

Virtual Self – Angel Voices