Post Malone Appears To Be Starting His Own Global Beer Pong League


Just because Post Malone is one of the biggest musical artists in the world, that doesn’t mean he’s lost his love for the simple joys in life. The 25 year old loves the American pastime of beer pong, and he’s just taken a step to possibly launch a global beer pong league.

It’s been reported by TMZ that Post Malone and his legal time have filed a trademark for “World Pong League.” The apparent intentions are to host pong tournaments, but the trademark would also cover promotional items such as sportswear, plastic cups, drink glasses, pong balls, and more.

Since we’re talking about Posty here, we can definitely see something like this coming to fruition. The man has essentially been the face of Bud Light, especially since his 2020 super bowl commercial.

Do you think you could beat Post at his own game? Imagine walking up to this table below during the World Pong League Championships…