Poté Crafts Atmospheric Beats On New Album, ‘A Tenuous Tale Of Her’

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We love boundary pushing music here at TSIS. If it blurs genre lines, makes you experience new feelings, and gets you moving in any way, we’re here for it. Our newest addition to the site, Poté, has not only caught our attention, but the attention of some of music’s most forward thinking minds, with his new album, A Tenuous Tale Of Her, even serving as the debut album for Bonobo’s new label, OUTLIER.

Originally born in St. Lucia, Poté seeks to combine the dynamic percussive energy of his roots with the expressive, emotion driven song writing that drove him to music in the first place. This newest venture finds him exploring vast soundscapes teeming with focused energy while also diving into self-reflection of his own internal experiences. The beautiful ebbs and flows skate from the atmospheric waves of “Plastic Prayers” to the pulsing beat of “Young Lies” featuring Damon Albarn, creating a truly immersive listen for all those who stream start to stop.

We expect nothing but the best from a camp like OUTLIER, and they couldn’t have started stronger than with Poté’s new album, A Tenuous Tale Of Her. Stream the project below and enjoy!

Poté – A Tenuous Tale Of Her