PRAANA Unleashes Sublime Debut Album ‘Supernal Dawn’

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They may be best known as Tritonal, but this legendary duo are also the masterminds behind PRAANA, a progressive house project that burst onto the airwaves in 2019 with their single, “Mojave.” Now, fast-forward to 2023, they have released their debut album, Supernal Dawn.

This thirteen track beauty is meticulously produced and shines bright throughout. “Somatic State” and “Landing Patterns” really put their progressive house prowess on display. The bookends of the album perfectly start and end the project, with “Sanctuary” slowly building into the eventual sound of the album and “Bridge The Great Divide” putting an emphatic exclamation point on it.

PRAANA says about the album:

Writing a first album can feel daunting, it certainly did for us.   We’re really proud of how Supernal Dawn turned out and how far PRAANA has come sonically in such a short amount of time.  It helped tremendously that before conceptualizing this album, we had brought into focus what we wanted PRAANA to represent vibrationally, lyrically and metaphysically.   We knew that we wanted the music to feel warm, centered and grounded.

Supernal Dawn is out in all its glory now on Colorize. Enjoy!

PRAANA – Supernal Dawn

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo