PREMEIRE | Haywyre Cranks Up the Attitude On New Remix of Charlie Puth’s “Girlfriend”

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How many electronic producers have you heard of that list the likes of Rachmaninoff among their influences? If you answered “one” then you’ll know who we’re talking about. Producer and pianist Haywyre studied classical music while attending college, and the influence of those composers is evident in much of his work. So who better to take the reins from keyboardist Charlie Puth and remix his summer hit “Girlfriend“?

“Girlfriend” provides the perfect canvas for Haywyre to showcase his imagination. Harnessing the bright, summertime vibe of the original, he ups the attitude and punch by incorporating some extra kicks and funky synths that would have you think that he spent his college years studying Herbie Hancock rather than classical music. The beat is downright infectious, and the vocals fuse perfectly with it, resulting in an excellent re-imagination of an already wildly popular track.

Check out a link to the music below. Enjoy!

Charlie Puth – Girlfriend (Haywyre Remix)