PREMIERE | This Fresh New Track From The Funk Hunters & Moontricks Will Make You “Get Up N Go”

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We’re big fans of all things funky here at TSIS, and that includes our friends from the north, The Funk Hunters. We can always count on the Canadian duo to serve up some spicy new material, and their latest collab, “Get Up N Go,” with electro-roots duo, Moontricks, is no exception.

While the crystal clear blues guitar plays out a twangy intro, it feels like you’re walking along a gusty backwoods mountain top—this is grade-A Moontricks. As that foot stomping bass kicks in and those rumbling low end synths from The Funk Hunters fill in the vocal space, a mountainous attitude begins to take hold. Before you know it, a full blown laser-studded grassroots party erupts and we’re boogieing the night away.

The dope new single comes to us from Westwood Recordings and is a seamless mesh of the two Canadian duos’ talents. Here’s hoping this is the first of many collabs from these two camps. Stream The Funk Hunters and Moontricks’ fresh new tune, “Get Up N Go,” below. Enjoy!

The Funk Hunters & Moontricks – Get Up N Go