PREMIERE | A Hundred Drums Brandishes Hypnotic New Bass Track, “Stark”

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Our newest addition to the TSIS page hails from the mile-high city of Denver, CO. The air is thin, but the bass is heavy in the TSIS hometown, and rising producer, A Hundred Drums, has the latter in spades in her new single, “Stark.”

This isn’t just another dubstep track, this is a living breathing rhythmic soundscape with bass coursing through its veins. The ominous rumbling that initiates this experience hangs heavy in the air like the quivering breath of a malevolent being lurking in the shadows. As the offering intensifies, you don’t know whether to linger and see what appears, or find safety in the silence. Paralyzed by indecisive curiosity, you stay, and a sinisterly frail creature skitters into sight. As it slithers and crawls in and out of the light, its purrs and whirrs keep you in a perilously seduced state.

If you weren’t a fan of A Hundred Drums already, consider this your formal invitation. Her production runs deep and will leave you questioning this reality and the next. Stream A Hundred Drums’ newest track, “Stark,” below. Enjoy!

A Hundred Drums – Stark