PREMIERE | Amirali Embarks On A New Sonic Journey With “Moments”


If you were a house and techno fan back in 2012, you may already be familiar with our newest addition to the site. That was the time when Amirali delivered his one and only studio album, In Time, for Damian Lazarus’s trailblazing Crosstown Rebels label. The project was an undisputed hit, delivering soulful house groove after groove to listeners looking to get down on the dance floor.

Today, we get one of the first glimpses into Amirali’s next full-length project, 8 years later with “Moments.”

This new tune that we’re honored to premiere for Amirali is the second track off of his upcoming album Trial & Error, a project that seeks to reimagine his music. After being quite familiar with In Time, hearing “Moments” is like entering a whole new sonic world of Amirali’s. Instead of club-ready consistency with his rhythms, Amirali breaks them apart with this one, inviting a new perspective, but with the same unique and soulful elements that attracted us to him in the first place.

Here’s what the man himself had to say about the new track and the shift in his sound:

Moments’ is probably the most dance-floor oriented track from my upcoming album. I wanted to show an evolved version of the music that I’m most known for from my previous album and live shows. ‘Moments’ almost sounds like there are 2 songs merged into one as it consists of two separate parts. I like to create variations and to have drastic changes in my music, or in other words, to have dynamics. Indeed the structure of my songs are quite unconventional and somehow unexpected, but I find beauty in that and by arranging the music this way.

“Moments” is the perfect reintroduction to Amirali for fans who loved his previous work. Get ready for him to push the envelope even further when Trial & Error drops on November 24. Listen to “Moments” below and enjoy!

Amirali – Moments