PREMIERE | Andrew Rothschild Induces A Dream-Like State On Downtempo Single “Utopia”

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Andrew Rothschild‘s style of genre blending is something to behold. In one moment he’s sucking you in to a precise rhythm, and in the next, he’s plunging you into a sea of orchestral melodies.

Rothschild’s creative techniques were recently recognized by Emancipator and quickly signed the Denver based artist to his label, Loci Records. It’s a label that focuses on unique, downtempo compositions, and Andrew Rothschild’s upcoming Pronoia EP fits right in. We’re proud to bring you an exclusive listen of the second single off the project, “Utopia,” and introduce this budding new artist to the site.

“Utopia” starts off with soft, inviting melodies that quickly evolve and transform into a climactic sonic spectacle. A tight four-to-the-floor kick keeps the groove nice and organized while his sounds lift you into a higher plane.

Rothchild’s Pronoia EP is due out May 1. You can pre-order/pre-save it here.

Listen to “Utopia” by Andrew Rothschild below and keep this guy on your radar. Enjoy!

Andrew Rothschild – Utopia