PREMIERE | Apollo Hill Unveils Meditative New R&B Single “When The Sun Don’t Shine”

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Some songs are able to convey incredible amounts of emotion without the use of much orchestration. We have an example of one of these rare tracks for our latest premiere, an emotive R&B track titled, “When The Sun Don’t Shine,” by California artist, Apollo Hill. Brought to us by Roshambo Records, this new release is as sobering and reflective as they come.

This tune’s beauty is in its simplicity. A dream-inducing guitar line and intermittent fills of spaced out echoes and chimes are the only supports needed beneath Hill’s distant crooning vocals. The tone and message of his music is honest and raw, provoking a pause for a moment of reflection.

This latest single comes from Hill’s forthcoming debut EP, VIVID WORLD XPRS PT. 1, releasing on June 19th. If he’s able to build this much emotion into one song, I can’t wait to see was the rest of the project has in store for us.  Stream and watch Apollo Hill’s meditative new single “When The Sun Don’t Shine” below. Enjoy!

Apollo Hill – When The Sun Don’t Shine