PREMIERE | Audiojack Follow Up Latest Crosstown Rebels Album with Dreamy New Single “Believer”

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After the release of their fantastic album Surface Tension earlier this year, Audiojack make their return to Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels label with their latest single “Believer“. This time the duo recruited vocalist Liset Alea to lend her talents to the track.

This track showcases Audiojack’s depth as producers. Whereas their other work leans more into tech house territory, “Believer” is intentionally understated, but masterfully so. The gentle, minimalist percussion lets Alea’s ethereal, emotional vocals shine through. Meanwhile the rhythm slowly builds, adding muted hand claps and glimmering bells in the background. The result is a track that feels perfectly balanced.

At first listen, we can immediately tell this track is special, and that was apparent to Lazarus too. Audiojack gave us some insight into the song’s creation:

We wanted to create something that would reach beyond the dancefloor, something with a wider appeal…Fast forward to summer 2021 and as dancefloors begin to reopen we decided to add a Club Mix, to have a version to play out in our own DJ sets. Then Damian said he’d like to follow up our album Surface Tension with another single, so we sent it over to him and he signed it on the spot.

You can check out this exclusive premiere of this special track using the link below. Enjoy!

Audiojack – Believer (feat. Liset Alea)