PREMIERE | Benji Lewis Delivers Beautifully Chilled New Single “Everything’s Alright”

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Ever since his breakthrough single “Drift” in 2017, Austrailian singer-songwirter Benji Lewis has been spreading a message of mindfulness with his smooth, yearning falsetto. Being that he’s had some extra time on his hands over the course of 2020 (much like a lot of us), he’s used it to his advantage, and we’re excited to premiere his latest single “Everything’s Alright” for you here!

Keeping to that message which permeates throughout much of his work, this track is one that invokes introspection as well as provides perspective. The mellow lo-fi beat coupled with Lewis’ crooning vocals put you in the midst of a daydream, one from which you’ll emerge with hopefully a similar outlook as him. To hear him tell it:

“This is a song of hope and of letting all your worries fall away,letting yourself breathe, smile andenjoy the moment you’re in.I know that things are still quite difficult for so many,but when youcan, try to take some time out for yourself to relax and reconnect.We are all in this togetherand there really is so much to look forward to.”

Below you’ll find a link to the music. Enjoy!

Benji Lewis – Everything’s Alright