PREMIERE | Bisaria Pays Homage To His Roots with ‘Kashmira’ EP


After going viral for his remix of Billie Eilish’s “Lunch,” rising artist, Bisaria, is ready to show the world he has even more to offer with his original tunes. Bisaria’s new EP, Kashmiradisplays his cutting-edge electronic intuition, and uniquely eclectic sound.

Bisaria pays homage to his Indian heritage throughout the course of the EP, incorporating production elements characteristic of his distinct culture and background. Opening track, “Makai,” allows Bisaria to delve into his bass influence, transporting the listener with ethereal soundscapes. The energy gradually picks up from song to song, with title track, “Kashmira,” introducing trap hats and a future bass twist. Finally, our favorite track from the EP, “Dosha,” especially showcases Bisaria’s talent for creative sampling and syncopated rhythms.

You can stream Kashmira exclusively at the link below, before its official release on June 22nd. Enjoy!

Bisaria – Kashmira