PREMIERE | Boogie T.RIO Impress On Uplifting, Catchy Track “Far” + New EP

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Boogie T.RIO are back with a fresh new EP! Today the Boogie T let trio have unleashed a three-track project fittingly titled Three The People as they are set to join GRiZ at Red Rocks tonight. We’re pleased to be premiering the standout track “Far” that comes with a fun, trippy music video courtesy of KOOZ. We’ve been big fans of Boogie T since the beginning and are loving the project’s natural evolution into a three piece band including fellow New Orleans musicians Andrew “Yano” Yanovski on keys and Frank “Animal Drums” Castro on percussion.

Each track on this new EP is amazing and “Far” is sounding like something we’re going to have on repeat for a minute. On this new song they effortlessly lay down a funky foundation of various instruments combined with crunching low end production while Brock’s uplifting vocals soar. The EP also includes singles “Said It All” and “Too Thick to Bleed” as the trio further their funky rock fusion with dub inspired production. Enjoy!

Boogie T.RIO – Far