[PREMIERE] Chris McClenney – Pearl : Must Hear Soulful Chillout Single From Soulection Artist [Free Download]

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We are happy to introduce Chris McClenney to TSIS for the first time as one of the latest incredible producers to become a part of the unstoppable Soulection collective. 

The 21 year-old producer from NYC has been making waves online with a variety of Soulection releases and loose singles making the label proud as their only New York resident. Today we are excited to premiere a brand new track from the budding producer. "Pearl" is a single that has no string currently, and may or may not be apart of an upcoming EP.

What we do know is you won't be able to stop replaying it. It's a soulful blend of styles with smooth, organic instruments and vocals from Chris himself, with the perfect twist of electronic energy. We are happy to not only be premiering it, but passing out an exclusive limited free download.

Listen below and grab a copy while it's available! Enjoy

Chris McClenney – Pearl | Free Download