PREMIERE | Comisar Mixes Drippy Bass & Organic Textures on Magical New Tune “Calling”

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It can be tricky to balance heavy bass with delicate textures, but Denver-based artist Comisar makes it sound easy. His latest EP Calling is an exploration of this, and we have the privilege of exclusively premiering the title track “Calling” for you today.

Comisar establishes a mystical vibe right off the bat with swells of chimes and organic nature samples. Our excitement grows with each rising, dizzying wave of synths before the first trippy drop washes over us. The downtempo bass on the drop feels celestial and alluring and adds an unexpected dimension to the track. The lush instrumentals on the verse are reminiscent of a jungle, but the drop on the chorus gives “Calling” an interstellar, cosmic vibe. There’s no doubt this track will open your third eye.

The Calling EP comes out on Friday via Gravitas Recordings, so until then, you can check out “Calling” below. Enjoy!

Comisar – Calling