PREMIERE | Comisar Blends Lush Melodies & Psychedelic Bass with “On and On”

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Chris Comisar is another Colorado based producer that we’re eager to get on your radar. The rising artist, who simply goes by Comisar, has the perfect synthesis of rich, vibrant melodies and gritty low end sound design. Today, we’re happy to introduce you to Comisar with an exclusive listen to his forthcoming track “On and On” which comes off of his Becoming┬áEP, dropping this Friday.

“On and On” starts off with some warm, gentle melodies, and slowly introduces layer after layer of trippy bass. First we’re teased with some bendy 808s, but once the deep wubs come in, we’re off. The tune really gets going from there, as Comisar weaves in a myriad of spine-tingling sounds. “On and On” is both tame and wild, bridging a gap between accessibility and innovation.

Comisar’s Becoming EP will drop just a day before he takes the stage at CloZee’s curated event, VOYAGE (presented by her own record label, Odyzey).

You can stream “On and On” exclusively below. Stay tuned for the full EP release, which features six total tracks. Enjoy!

Comisar – On and On